Things to do Today :

1. Get up.

2. Survive.

3. Go back to bed.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Back Pain

Ladies and gentlemen, now I have come to realize that I will be having the excruciating pain on my lower back every time after I have used the laptop. No wonder I was having a blast when this laptop was on its vacation at my dad’s shop. My my. Who would have thought I’d be so slow, I know I am sluggish but when I gave another thought about it, nope! Not acceptable. Sorry for the lame English. I am still trying.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Squeeeeezing It Aaaaall Outttah !


I bathed, I performed Zohor, and I swept my room. You know how cats are with brooms I presume? I was kind of weird when Tarzan acted like he wants to attack the sweeping broom but when it got nearer to him, he ran away! (?) Now my I have watery eyes and nose because of the dust Tarzan was playing. Okay, I have soooo much to tell. But I am not sure whether I could express it all in one post.

I started my short semester, and I am taking 2 subjects which are Political Science and Drama. Make it 3 if you think the night classes of French is considered as a subject ey?
My Political Science teacher is Mr. Ishtiaq Hossain. His origin was from Pakistan but he grew up as a Bangladeshi. He is short and chubby, yet has a big brain of intelligence. My girlfriend Shaba said he is so cute, but from my point of view, the way I see his physical characteristics, I think he looks like a teddy bear, which I think he is extremely cute! Kak Mei one the other hand teaches Drama. A very skinny Chinese local Muslim, and like Madam Sheena, she rocks, but she forbids us to call her madam because she will feel old. I explicitly understand when she said that. Yes, I am old. Ngeh. I have not met my French teacher for the class have not started yet, but I will tomorrow night. I will be attending the class with Sabrina. Scoosh uley blagh blagh we will be at the latter. Hee.

I have spent my 2 week holidays by reading my story books. So far I have done reading 2 and I am going through 1. It is Cecelia Ahern’s ‘A Place Called Here’. I have had the book since last year but I just started to ‘scrutinize’ it. Luckily I have no homework yet so far, but I have a lot of studying to do. Like yesterday, is studied a bit, 2 pages would be a bit, then Zikri asked, “Exam bila?” Ngeh. My mom and I bought plenty of books from the MPH fair which I doubt I could finish reading them soon. Oh well, books make me happy. Just story books, thank you very much yea. I just hope text books will not be my least favourite books anymore, have you seen my pointer and grades for last semester? How do say if I was shocked yet I was not? Hmm.

Aha! I have to wear concealers most of the time, I have been bitten twice by the blood sucking parasites on my neck, and they look like love bites. Soooo tiring. My mom knows what had happen so she understands; she knows how unfortunate my life is. We spent the days together. Just the two of us, since Jai is at school, my dad is ‘working’, my sister is doing her practical and my brother sleeps all day. When you get to know my mom, you will realise, as I just did this week, she blows a lot of money, man.

Sabrina came over my house last Sunday. She told me this, “Babe, I lost my phone.” For the 5th time perhaps? She couldn’t go home because her mom and aunt would flip if they knew she has lost it. So she came because she got no where to go. So yea, we just hung in the house, played guitar, sang and composed a verse together, and did some ‘communication skills’ as a part of the meeting routine. The compulsory one. We took pictures too.
In Drama class on Tuesday, Alia saw them and said, “Macam kembar dowh. Scary gila.” Hahaha.

Richie, my mom and I went to Ikea on Thursday, and my mom seemed to like him. Hee. How I miss that fatty bum bum. We date very seldom, I suppose you know how my heart should be falling apart for now. It does not make any difference when he moved to Setapak early this year. So it is sad, I am sad. I know I have to stop to think about I want and instead think about the future. I should be studying right now, I am in the short semester, and I do not have much time. But the mood does not seem to get me there. Sorry for the lame English. But I am trying you see. I think I should read my story book to get me calmed. My feelings oppose everything I do lately.

Oh yea! I want to get my nails done with black henna. Well people would be calling me Goth for a few weeks but what the hell. Just an addition, I do not know why I like to say ‘what the hell’ lately because I seem to say it everyday. To be frank, I really hate it when anybody says it in front my face. It is annoying but I am doing it. Gosh, I am craving for Yeo’s Lychee drink.

Chopp !

Give me time to mandi 1st then I will come back to tell you my story ok?

A ah anak dara mandi tengahari. I am not being myself right now. :p

Saturday, May 2, 2009


I think it is best if I do not dribble anything for the time being. Just know that I am sick. Mentally and emotionally. Thank you parents for making my life so fragile.