Things to do Today :

1. Get up.

2. Survive.

3. Go back to bed.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Bits && Pieces

This is a mosquito would say. “I can be a lawyer. I am already a blood sucking parasite; all I need is a briefcase.”

One day..

How are you?

Siapa tu?

Owh, budak ni. My ‘friend’ last sem. Dia suka I, but when I turned him down for millions of time, dia pergi sana sini buat buat cerita pasal I. Kawan-kawan dia yang mana tahu cerita semua dah benci dia. Ni la yang I cerita hari tu pasal my friend kata tu.


Sorry. Somebody disturbed my phone.

Gila bapak menipu! Hahaha. Bodoh gila budak ni.

Haha. Tau tak pe.

I have ways.

Happy Ramadhan Al-Mubarak. (woish, 1st time cakap camtu.) ;p

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Outlaw?; or Outcast?

Happy belated two months, Bubu; and Happy 13th to Jenny Darling.

I’ve realised a few things, I’m starting to like love story books, instead of thrills and dark magic ones like I used to. Well, maybe I’m at the brink of change too. Everybody is, eventually. I am easily emotional and I can’t falsify any of them. Wow, hormone? Maybe la kan. I’m somebody’s girlfriend, it’s normal as they say. Another one, my Hana Baby likes to use the word ‘ruthless’. I see that she is fond with it. She often uses that to DESCRIBE herself. She isn’t THAT ruthless, to be fortunate. Hahaha. Oh yea and I just found out a new browsing link. Big thanks to Bubu. I love you. Anyway, Wacoal’s and other brands don’t manufacture any 70’s anymore. Only 75’s are available, and I’m starting to think of making them bigger? Hahaha! Tak senonoh punya perempuan.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Belly Laugh

It is so near and yet it is so far. This time, I’m going to break some hearts.

What more can you get? With that kind of attitude and with all the things that you still do; trashing about people when you don’t get what you have always wanted. Never expect the rain to wash off your sins. I did my time, and now it’s your turn. Some people may do major planning, but ‘plan’ isn’t exactly a major of mine; thank you very much. Big thanks for nothing.

"Geng tudung lilit." Hahahaha. Kelakar.

You think that He will offer you something better, when we all know that He will offer you nothing. Why would He, ey? If you think that it’s a gift, return it.

How can you see if you’re not looking? “Everybody’s talking, but they don’t say a thing.” Think and relate that. Give it up, I’ve won. Halal haram tu, biar lah I decide sendiri.

Eyh Fathy, apa cerita dengan orang utan you tu?” Your some ‘friends’ huh?

♥ Hey you, I love you. I’ll make sure that I won’t ever find anything like you again. ♥
What is it that you want? You got it!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Daily Basis

Just look at the 'Things To Do Today.' It is more to that particular thing. But what I do every day are make money on the day by the Internet, and study at night. Those are the two things that I would say as 'wajibul ghunnah.' Haha. Above and beyond, I read my story book titled 'Remember Me?', and text messaging with Bubu when we both are free. What else do I do, see? Cooking and chores, well those are the usual things that we girls do, ain't it? I just got back from my Best friend's surprise birthday party. It wasn't really a party, just a get together sort of stuff. We went to Starbucks to eat, and Burger King to eat, again! I had to depart earlier than them because I was told to do so. Despite that, I'm glad. My kidney is 'exhausting' me, ifyouknowwhatimsayin. Nothing more to report, I am just trying to prove things, because some of us just don't ever get it, do they?

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hey, Weirdo !

You are actually teaching me English.
Wow, big Thanks!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Insanity of Creativity (?)

I should have taken IT because I WAS really good about HTML’s and graphics. So the other day I took a picture of me and my BFF and turned it from this ugly ..

..into these uglier.

This is what I’ve done toward one picture. Just imagine how many would I generate with 10.

Bye Bye

Let’s start from scratch here, alright? This is actually how Bye Bye has been conveyed.

My elder sister told us about her hilarious lecturer. And then one day, a few days before the subject’s exam, the lecturer said that the class can ask him questions as preparations. The period is almost done so he stood up and packed his books. He is almost out of the classroom when certain pupils wanted to ask him more and more questions. Then, he turned around, smiled, waved his hand while saying “bye bye”. He left. That’s only it seriously. But a few weeks after that, my little sister who tells stories like ‘lepas tu Jainibah pon kate la kan..umm..ape ek nibah kate..uhh..ha! pastu Nibah kate la ape hal pulak kan, pastu kan die kate..uhhh..die kate sukati die la nak buat ape..pastu Nibah kate bukan, sukati die la tu org lain yg cakap..die cakap uhh..” that kind of a way was boring me. So, before I literally smashed my head in my dish, I stood up, smiled, and waved saying ‘bye bye’. I walked away. From that day on, whenever someone is telling a story or saying something and we do not want to listen, we just wave and say bye bye. It would be hilarious if someone could actually understand. :)

"Unitar da ade 3 sem je owh. Dulu 4 sem. Da kuar baru nak buat 3 sem."

"Bye bye!"

"Ikut perangai Nibah eyh!"

"Eyy Nibah yang tiru I. I yang start Bye bye dulu dalam rumah tu yeh."

"Hari tu kan time I nak balik Nilai start sem tu kan, I bukak je satu bag kosong ni nak letak baju,then Handsome masuk dalam tu, die pandang I pastu die meow. Huuu. Comel nye. Macam paham pulak I kena pergi tempat lain. Huuuu. Bye bye."

"Eh, bukan I ke yang kena kate Bye bye?"

"Sebelum you cakap, baik I cakap Bye bye dulu en? Hahahahhaa. "



Are You Done?

Haven't had enough? Let me tell you my story.I did something really bad and this is what my little sister told me.

“You know what my Ustazah told me? If perempuan langgar fitrah, they don’t need to wait for the punishment kat Akhirat nanti. Kat dunia je da dapat balasan. Family problem, problem with studies, problem with friends. Ape reason banjir teruk nowadays? Stop what you are doing and see what will happen.”

She was frickin’ right. She is not THAT stupid after all eh?

Never try to act snobbish, I’m frickin’ better at it. So an effortless ‘thank you’ would do you know. One after one, day by day, it’s still the same. I’m sorry that I don’t hangout at night and got home at 3 in the morning. I’m sorry I don’t have many boy friends. I’m sorry that I mix with a lot of people and not to have my own click. I’m sorry I’m not racist. I’m sorry I’m not pathetic. I’m sorry I don’t dress up like young Britney Spears. You don’t have what it takes to be looked up by me. Sorry. I can’t give the impression to find the reason why you have to treat other category of people like shyt. You are one in a million; the Bigger Loser.
They say that MySpace is just a cyber world. People tend to lie and cheat, and make forgeries. I don’t buy that, try to read my page, that’s all my actual reasons to live. Nice friends, loving family, a remarkable boyfriend. How am I supposed to know that you’re going to read my blog. I’m no one anymore, so why fret?

Today's Highlight

I woke up as usual, got bathe and did the things I always do. When I came down to the 1st floor, I noticed something on the dining table and I found this!

Hahahaha. Kelakar la. Plainly there are some interviews, baby pics, bios and yada yada yada. And then I found this too in one of the ‘Jeapordice’s’ pages!

But so fortunately it was so tiny la kan and they didn’t mention anything about the person who did it. (Me!) Buat malu saja. ;p

Congrats, Jeopardice!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Oohh Na'aaah ! *snapping fingers*

25th Mei 2008

After date; went to Pavillion bla bla bla..

A missed call from you..

Actually, I want it to be missed; to answer a call from you? Pfft~!

I was stoned perhaps, so I texted you and said "Kenape?"

Then you replied, "I miss you."

After a while, owh! It was you again!!

"Sorry. Ada org kacau my phone."

Like someone would if it wasn't a holiday!

And just now..Oh frickin God it's you again!! Whyyyy???

You sent me, " "



..and your suburban attitude.

Do you know Bye Bye?

..of course not. What was I thinking of asking you that. Urgh. I will make a blog about Bye Bye some day. Somehow. Hahahaahaha.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

What I Would Say

The laptop is being an ass for the charger is broken, therefore it can’t charge! Haha obviously. Come on and pin your ears back, if you can hear whatever thing, or you can just bang out your retina, because I got some libretto for you to scrutinize.

What lie? I didn’t lie, because all the things that I have wrote there is true. Bar why are you pissing off because I denied your request? You saw it, you heard it, and even people are talking there whereas I’m waaaaay over here. Yet still, you ain’t got any hint?? For being another party which don’t have anything to do with it, you’re a dim wit, female.

You forged your honesty. You forged your loyalty. I’m so worn to these things. I’ve heard so numerous. What you put on, what you ate, what you used, did not exclude my wealth. You’re nice at times; bar I know that won’t stay too long. The least I could do is to deal with my patients. Some times I tend to not to think about it. Halal haram tu biar la I yang decide sendiri nanti. Just don’t expect me to look up at you as an accreditation.

Yea. What I would say if I'm her. ;(

♥ I love you forever; I like you for always, my baby you’ll be. ♥ Kesian dia kena marah semalam.