Things to do Today :

1. Get up.

2. Survive.

3. Go back to bed.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

For Now

The last day of September, yeeeeeeehaw! I can’t wait to meet those guys tomorrow. Lovely cousins, extremely funny old uncles, annoying old-hag-aunties. May I refute? I actually am able to wait! Oh I love this game. I love this feeling; this feeling of evil, of getting, and pay back. This is how my family works. Hey, it’s their fault. We are not the ones who borrow money and take our time freely to pay back and say “I told you I need more time kan?” (kepala hotak kau, sorry pun tak ada), and talk trash about people, and being dumbly sarcastic, whereas, look at you.

I hate the feeling I always have when I meet you; my expression about you. Even though you came in without saying a word or even look at me. I do not know why I feel so irritated when I see you whereas you haven’t done anything to hurt me. Why am I like this? But I swear, I never pull a face at all. But to be frank, my predictions are never wrong. :)

Do it for me. Do it for me. He does it for me. He holds the honour. This is..’3 months, and Still Counting.’

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Dear, Diary..

Old dusty Diary. I don't think that I will be needing you anymore. Just think.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Get Back

I found this about a week ago; and it's on my Myspace. This is a song from Demi Lovato. Not meant for anyone though, just a new preamble of a new melody that I would like you guys to pin your ears back for. What a voice, seriously.

Is she a vocal student of Hayley Williams? (Iiiiiiii wondeeer) Naah, perhaps not because Demi’s better! Bla bla bla so on and so forth, ultimately, I would like to say,
So long Hayley, Helllloooooow Demi!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Itching Ear

Yes, some people just want it. Are you intimidated that we are as simple as you aren’t? What do you have that we don’t, and better? That was all you could say. Oh no problem, to the non-related, just buzz off. “Jangan timbulkan isu2 yang sensitive.” And THAT came from YOU? Pfft~
Whenever you need me, I appreciate it until the day I die, I’m happy, very thankful; it’s nice to be told every now and then. You sweetened up my life in your own extremely special way. Oh I love you very very.

So I see,
You know me,
Bar why don’t you understand?
So I see,
You love me,
But why her name again?

Just a little something, maybe for the chorus of my chant. Scrutinize yourself, and then you can talk about me. I got an A- for the midterm. Not happy but, yahoo. I’ve been tagged by an old best pal and I still can’t make it to her blog. Is it me? Or she’s playing the role of the Doofus? Ngeh. I’m tired, I’m sticky, and my scalp is itchy for the reason that I moved the furniture in my room ALL BY MYSELF. I don’t want them to help pon, buat semak je. This is all because of wanting to force the keyboard to fit in my room. It is working, but it hasn’t been done over all. For footers, I’m getting lamer every second.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Prettyyyyyy ! Part 2

I did Batik! *gasp. Blekh. I’ve done my ASSingment! Thanks to Akak for the help. I’ve memorised the surah but not the translation. Just yet. Ehehehe. Gila la budak PJ ni. For the love of God, let’s observe what I was trying to say at the first place.
Meh touch up sikit.

It only took less than an hour; more coming and I still haven’t finished my cross stitch. Wahwahwah.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


I’m not fasting. 'Full moon' came on yesterday evening. About just now I ate mac & cheese. Not so yummy, I miss Bubu’s mom’s spaghetti. Just slant my head to the left and I can see Jainibah terbelengkang tido. Currently chatting with Bubu and I just can’t convince him that he just can’t fast! Yea, what are you thinking about? I just took out a booger out of my nose. Kan tak puasa. ;p Busy boyfriend, but he never forgets me.

I would love to know who you are,
I would love to know how you’ve been,
I would love to know do you care,
I would love to know do you love me.

Some questions in advance addition; look at the traffic feed, who came from Melbourne and Jawa Barat? Hahaha. Oh my Gucci!



Was making Passion Fruit Juice.

Hands all dirty.

Couldn’t touch anything else.

Akak blabbed something.

Bye Bye.

You don’t Bye Bye me, if I korek your bontot you cannot do anything.


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Two and A Half Days.. the friggin' Tawakal.

I got admitted because of the freakin’ throat infection and very high fever as the side effect of the freakin’ disease. Not just that, I got cramps, head spinning spinning, and I freakin’ cried a lot! I already felt something was wrong with me on Monday, the dizziness, chesty coughing. The next day, wow, it’s sahur time!; I have to wake them up every freakin’ morning, aaaaas usual. Then the coughing and sneezing were getting heavier and more painful. I got back to bed first because I couldn’t stand not-lying-down. Hehek. A few minutes on the latter, I got cramps. On my hands, feet and on the face too. The attacking on the lips was the most painful, it was like my lips had swollen, and for a moment, I thought I was Angelina Jolie. Oh dream on! Then I cried because of the pain. My family was freakin’ terrified so they drove me to the clinic. The doctor wasn’t sure what was happening to me but he did say that I looked horrible. Hence, he told my parents that I had to go the hospital immediately. My dad was freakin’ racing with the traffic lights! I was half stoned, so I still can freakin’ tell. So we arrived at the emergency room, the nurses told me to just rest for a moment because the girl beside me just met an accident; it was around 6:30 am. Then it was my turn! Hell I cried like a calf was half slaughtered! The nurses gave me three freakin’ injections. I never had any injection that was freakin’ excruciating! “Ala, sabar sabar, awak kan dah biasa dengan Dr. Md Noh, dia kan selalu amik darah awak, tak kan tak biasa kot, ala sabar sabar.” “Dr. Md Noh buat lembut, huuuuu.” I continued crying of course. Then all the things had been done, the injection for dripping and all. After I got all of the freakin’ injections (freak freak freak freak freak), I finally stopped crying because I had fallen asleep. It was around 7 am. From 4 40 am?? Muka bengkak, boleh tak? Long story short, everything is back to normal again. I’ll be back home tomorrow, the first thing in the morning. Oh by the way, I took some pictures too~! Cam best je. Ngeee~Fuallllllapek! Tak tau kenapa. Hahahaha.

And whyyyyyy am I acting like a First-Timer?

Another one, i looked at my traffic feed, who came from New Zealand? =o

Monday, September 1, 2008

Just Ignore !

We all are fasting today and surprisingly I am so strong, for the 1st day of Ramadhan la kan. Ehehehe. To be honest, I am never like this. I am getting healthier? *gasp* Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuu God! Okay, let’s bring this to major. I am doing my assignment and I am sick and tired of Footnotes! My elder sister is going to help me with that. I really hated it when he said, “Footnotes! Footnotes!” Bar he wasn’t talking to me however. Give it up will you? I kind of like hearing it for every minute I think of it! Make sense? Haha. Fathy, you’re insane! Sometimes I think that I’m senile for no reason at all. And THEY call me Nenek Fathy!? Cookie, (nigga style) as long as I have my own teeth and my butt’s still higher than my knees, no one calls me Grandma!” Raveyyy. Ehek ehek.