Things to do Today :

1. Get up.

2. Survive.

3. Go back to bed.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Hadoih !

I am so blank but then I really want to say something. A lot of things! I’m always like this. I’m so happy at first, smiling and laughing my ass off, and I’ll be pissed about something really stupid after a while. And then I’ll feel like my heart just wants to burst out in words whereas my mouth is completely zipped! It’s like a wheel.

Is it me?

Or I really need a therapist.(?)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Baby of the House

We got him and Shy in March this year. They were 8 months old if I’m not mistaken. Months and days went by, we started to let him n Shy get into the house. He was ok, but Shy? He’s kind of hysterical and paranoid when people get near him. So we only let him into the house. And again, days went by, somehow we let Shy out of the cage to make him feel familiar with the porch. A few weeks later, Shy was no where to be found. He never got home anymore. There were tears, but not from me. I was sad, really sad. And maybe, I still am. But this one cat always put a smile on our face.

He sleeps, like this.

Sometimes, like this.

Or even like this.

And not to mention like this.

In conclusion, he sleeps like us! Haha.

He’s so precious! We all love him so much like he is one of us now. But suddenly, BAM! He mixed up with this Chinese look cat, then he got this one infection on his ears, and he got sick at the same time. So, he got from this healthy,

to this skinny;

and with that cone around his neck, it is to avoid him from scratching his ears that is.

Kan Kak Athy dah cakap, jangan scratch. Tu la, degil. Tengok dah jadi ape sekarang.

But still, get well soon dear love. We really miss the healthy you. I want you to sleep with me again like you always did.

Don't leave us, alright? ='( Get well soon. I really miss the times we had together. When you’re still gemuk and lasak and we always buli you. Huhu.

And when you were still VAIN as well! Haha.

Would you just look how awfull you look right now?

Macam nenek, tau tak?

Readers, please pray for him.


Ladies and gents, this is Handsome~

The Audi + Jaguar wannabe. Haha. <33

Friday, June 20, 2008

Face Up

"I wooondeeeer, how am I suppose to feeeel, when you're not heeere..". That's what I think for now. And I don't ever want this thought to go away; at all. These questions always pop out of my head every once in a while; How are you going to live, if you don't know what's the meaning of life? And how are you going to recover, if you don't even know what is your disease? Come to think, there's nothing wrong for us to wonder like this every minute or so. People would do anything to live their life longer, when they know that their life is short. But not me. I didn't even bother to do no matter which at all, I just wanted to go. The faster, the better. Nevertheless, my so called principle has changed, it all change when you came into my life. God knows what I have been doing now, to make sure that I could actually ask for an extension of life. I really want to do this. I mean, if there is a possibility. Only He knows what will happen. "Whatever you want, whatever you need, whatever it takes, I'd do anything". I didn't just jump; tears were pricking at my eyes.


Ey,kire banyak la ni tau. Busy busy busy! ;p


I carry your heart.. And I carry it in my heart.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Another One

"Come on la weyh! You will never be Virgin Fathy ok!? Hahahahaha!"

I was worried sick. It was a relief when she said that. A heart calmer she is.

I am supposedly be in my campus right now. Okay, I checked in yesterday, arrived at 8 something, unpacked, and then my sister proposed, "Why don't you come back home with us and I'll send you back here tomorrow?" I was like, OKAY!! Why not? Because there wasn't anything on that day. Then we went home and the things that always happen at home, happened. Duhh~

The next morning I woke up at 7:45 am and I was late! This morning I mean. So I texted Alia and asked to help for the subjects registration. In my case, let's say subject. Pfft~ So it wasn't there on my application so Alia said the add drop session will be held on the next morning. Thus, I'm going to that frickin campus again tomorrow. Haih. Bole mati owh macam ni.

Friday, June 13, 2008

The name is Bubu ;)

It's been a while. You know why, because I have been so much fun contacting with this new friend of mine. Well, you could say he's a friend. As for me, not for long hopefully. Do you know how well he treats me? How I feel like I'm someone important every time he approaches me? He's better than you. Come to think, what do I always get from you? ; Heartache. You got enough problems on your own. I mean, how could I ever think and buy that you said that you have changed!? No! You haven't. All that you have said to me are literally junk! Being with you, it's like being in the locked store room. I couldn't even breathe. Not because of sparks or anything, rimas!

If I could, I would just compare you with him, just like you compared me with your girlfriend back then. I told you I didn't like that, even though the credits were more to me, and I'm sticking with it, I will never like it. How lucky was I to meet friends like them, to warn me about you. They were right all along and God I couldn't believe myself that I bought what you have said on the 21st of last month. You got that? Suddenly you're in love with me madly and the next thing I know you are unsure with your feelings. What was I thinking? You told me plenty of times, what ever you do, you won't mess up my life, and what did you ask me for a few nights ago?? You are nothing but a perv, a fraud, a junk, a Jew 'wannabe' ; and then right about just now you made it like I'm the bitch in this picture. I won't call it ours, because it is too humiliating and I never will.
Smart, independent, funny, you don't know how proud I am at him for what he is doing for living, I'm so amazed. I like him, really. I never meant to brag, but this is what I have to say ; I rather spend an hour with him, than to spend a minute with you.

Oh yea, and I'm thinking of making a blog all about him. Duhh~

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tag Survey - Farah Rosni

First Name: Siti
Nickname: Fathy
Birthday: Jan 12, 1989
Birthplace: Pantai Medical Centre, KL.
Time of Birth: 8.18 am.
Zodiac sign: Capricorn

--This or That--
Flower or Chocolate: Chocolate.
Pepsi or Coke: Pepsi.
Rap or Rock: Rock.
Relationship or One Night Stand: Relationship.
School or Work: School
Love or Money: Love
Movies or Music: Music.
Country or City: City.
Sunny days or Rainy days: Sunny.
Friends or Family: Family.

--Have you ever--
Lied: Yes.
Smoked: Yes.
Broke someone's heart: Maybe.
Had your heart broken: Yes.
Wish you were a prince/princess: Yes.
Liked someone who was taken: Yes.
Shaved your head: Haha,no.
Been in love: Yes.
Used chopsticks: Yup,for food, and hair.
Sang in the mirror to yourself: I kinda live for that ;p .

Flower: Lavender, carnation.
Candy: Chupa Chups.
Song: Currently When You Look Me in the Eyes,adeyh.
Scent: Lavender.
Color: Black, Purple.
Musical Instrument: Guitar.
Movie: BarnYard! Wihihihi~
Actor/Actress: Me Myself and I.
Junk food: Chips.
Animal: Cats.

Ever cried over someone: Yes.
Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself: Perhaps.
Do you think you're attractive: I think I'm Serabai.
If you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose: Aladdin! I want to be Princess Jasmine. =D
Do you play any sports: Yes.

--List (8) random facts about yourself and tag (some) people--
: I lose weight when I'm depressed.
: I wish I am Hayley Williams.
: If I'm not singing with my mouth, I'm singing in my head.
: My childhood was really bad.
: My best friend's name is Syairah.
: Sometimes I can be confused with my own feelings towards somebody.
: I am a slow learner when it comes to Education, but the opposite in Music.
: I used to be a tom boy.

I tag: Everybody on my list. Hah!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Well I got something to say,

You shouldn't have said the things that you've said this evening. You pissed us ALL off.

She is a great woman. If I'm a man, I will definitely find a wife like her. But mark my words,

I will never be like you.

Monday, June 9, 2008


Let me tell you a story about THIS morning.. ;p

Time : It was 7 : 15 am.
Condition: Me ; still in PJ, 'dah mandi'-look alike, all worried.
Jainibah ; still asleep, in locked room.
The Conversation:

*Me, knocking on the door for several times x 10 ! Instead of Akak, Jainibah opened the door, aaaaaaaaaas usual.*

Me : "Eh,awak pergi sekolah tak?"
Jainibah : "Pergi. Kenape?"
Me : (thinking.) "Eh awak sekolah pagi ke petang?"
Jainibah : "Peeeeetang. Ha tu la duk Nilai lagi. Haha."
Me : "Hahaha. Kurang ajar. Ok."

*Door closed. End of conversation.*

Ssssssooo, you guys learned anything from this? Haha. I did.

It is 7 : 36 am and I got nothing to do. Dear God, have mercy! Oh yea and this is what I have already achieved !

Nice, eyy? Just done it last night. Pfft~!

Oh yea, and another work of art when I was dying in boredom, about 5 minutes ago.

I was bored! Whaddaya expect!?

Friday, June 6, 2008

Bleeding Head

I maybe small, tiny and immature, but when it comes to deep thinking, I know I'm the best.

I know what you're thinking, Reader. And that is not deep, you doof! My definiton of deep thinking is about what you care most, is the answers that you're going to give God, when you'll be questioned, soon.

And now you're calling me a Doof? Have a look at the mirror.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


We have a history. Then it all fell apart in the middle somehow. I left him for someone. We weren’t official though, because he liked another girl too. At that time, I was still having my head over heels about someone. Someone from my high school. Can I say we were even? When I started to love him truly, I started to hear stuff too; about him wanting another girl. And that girl is the same girl who came between me and my last.
We got back together. And still, NOT official. We both have this ‘I’m-unsure-about-my-feelings’ right now. Should I wait, or just go fly away?

"Fathy!! What are you thinking!??"

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Happy Birthday, Daday!

I really wanted to put a picture of you here but you never let ANYONE of the family to take your picture, and frankly, we don't even know why because every time we are having the 'who's-gonna-hold-the-camera-and-take-pictures-?' event, you're it! Hate to say this Dad, but now I know why I am half weird. ;p Big thanks AGAIN Dad for making me a Fighter; for making US Fighters. We couldn't have kicked some asses if it wasn't because of you.

You always say that we love Mak more than we love you, maybe because we spend more time with her and you are always busy with the office or just busy snoozing; also you have stated that we should, because our Prophet told us to love our mother more. But the truth is Dad, I simply can't choose between you and Mak. You guys have your flaws, and you guys can be a pain on the ass for quite sometimes, but hey, I still love you both. You guys still have your 'rockness', alright?

Dad, you and I need each other. We both know that. I'm problematic; and you're hot tempered, You get sick all day; I'm the one who massage you, I need your love to live; you didn't want me when I was in Mak's belly. They say the more you smack you're kid, the more you will love him/her. No wonder you love me the most, Dad.

I know, that sometimes you couldn't even sleep, thinking about me, worrying about me, about my education, my future, my health. And I don't think that I could take that pain away because I know, it is a really big one. Somehow I always wished that I could repay you for all of the things that you have done for me. For the family. Thank you, Dad. I can't imagine how you went through all the barriers in front of you for us. I'm amazed.

So now, you're 50! Should I say, Old Man? Haha. Happy Birthday, Dad. And I'll make sure that there will be 50 more to come. I would love to say more but the tears..ADOI! Love you, Old Man. Remember this yea?; No matter what happens, no matter how far I would be away from you, how old am I, I will always be your So Naughty Little Girl. Happy Birthday~