Things to do Today :

1. Get up.

2. Survive.

3. Go back to bed.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

2nd Ever Assignment, ( I am getting really good at this ;p )

The Writing teacher told us to write a personal essay about ourselves. This is my story.
“Fathiyah! Eh, no! I mean, Fatihah!”

This was what my eldest brother said to my mother when they were naming me almost 20 years ago. Just imagine a face like this with a sacred name as Fatihah.

To signify things up, my name is Siti Fathiyah, the daughter of Shuib Haji Ibrahim and the beautiful Daliawati Haji Ismail. I was born on the 12th of January, 1989. Oh, look! I will be 20 in less than a month! I sometimes wonder why we even age. I live in Wangsa Maju in Kuala Lumpur since I was four. I grow up and live my life, fight with my siblings and write my music here in this town.
My father is a business man who runs his own business of producing concrete posts. My mother used to work in a bank 19 years ago. But when she surreptitiously witnessed the maid was abusing me when I was a baby, she quitted her job and take care of us with her own bare hands and has become a very wonderful enduring housewife. My eldest brother just graduated his degree in Engineering here in IIUM. Meanwhile, my sister is still doing her degree in Economics here too. And there is me, a BEN student with an uncertain future yet. The baby of the house is a 13-year-old bright lethargic girl. Love life? I am involved.
I am a mixed of Afghan and Malay. I am well known of my friendliness, they say. I like to approach people and say ‘Hi’ at the very least. My first impressions might be tough on certain people, because my predictions are never wrong most of the time. I can be very understanding when the time comes and my perkiness makes me tend to shout every time I talk particularly when I am on the phone. I know I am better at writing because I like to converse craps especially in public. The tone of my voice always changes for God knows what reason. Maybe it follows my moods perhaps; and not to mention my penmanship too.
The major of my general interests is music. I started having the passion of singing when I was 2. I play the piano, guitar, harmonica and percussions but I stopped after level 1 on percussions because I can’t stand the excruciating pain I had on my biceps every time I hit the snare. No wonder most drummers are from the male species. I just started playing the piano in Grade 1 because previously I only played by ears and I learned to fool around with the guitar by myself through the internet when I was 17. I started to initiate my own lyrics when I was 5 or 6 years old. I got myself committed in creating melody bit by bit when I was 16 years old. Until now, I realised that my complete songs are just parallel to one another, and yet they are just abysmal. Next, my passion would be art. I am into designs for webs, I can sketch portraits at most times, and I paint. No matter on papers or faces. I like to read fiction story books only. I think that the authors ought to have really wild imaginations and fantasies. And they would probably just be great liars because they make up stories, and I think that is noble. Last but not least, I like to argue and win. It feels good when you know that you are right when nobody can prove you wrong, even though you know that your counter attacks are faulty. It makes me feel smart.
I have a few pet peeves too. I hate it when I listen to songs that are forced to be songs. It’s not like the composers are inspired, but they force themselves to start the tunes. Second, I hate it when people stare at me. It is disturbing because we all know that I am just human like others, with a nose, a mouth, and a pair of eyes, and I am just a common person just like them. So what's wrong? Or they can just smile if they are insisting to stare. Another is I am allergic to chocolates. Every time eat them, I could never stop myself. I hate that when it happens. People say that curiosity can kill. I hold on to that because I think that people, who have so much curiosity, are just ‘busy bodies’. Get a feeling, get a life. I would never take back what I have just said.
I am fighting a so called fatal disease. The doctor told us that my right lung is too dry and my left one is too wet. I had this kind of asthma since I was ten. I just have to follow the rules of getting healthy. Sinusitis is one of my problems too. I could never go a day without blowing very thick mucus out of my nose even for once. When I stand under the direct sunlight, or the weather is just extremely hot, I will get nose bleed. See my boring life? Medications by medications even I am allergic to certain. I guess I am unfortunate because I am not healthy, but then again, I am fortunate because I got to go early.
Like I have stated earlier, I have an uncertain future yet. When I was little, I wanted to be a doctor. It is just because I like to see when patients are getting shots of injections. It is like a revenge for being a pain for the hospital. Come to think, my patients would just die on the spot for having me as their doctor. I had a strong liking for Mathematics when I was in school. My father encouraged me in becoming an accountant like he was. But, he never sticks to one decision. As I was reaching a stage of my youthful age, he noticed that I like to pick a fight or just argue. Take note that I would never start anything if I know I am wrong. Hence, he encouraged me to be a lawyer. But then, I was terrible in my History subjects because it has tones of reading and memorising to do. Still, I told myself to shoot for the moon and be a lawyer because that was what my father wanted me to become, until my mother told me, “It is hard for lawyers to find jobs; even they cannot guarantee their future. And they are just blood sucking parasites.”
“Stick with what you want to do. More or less, stick to what you know that you are good at.”
English popped in my mind the first thing after she did her part. I know it can take me to places. I just need to communicate. I would just say that I want to be a lecturer or a journalist for the very least. But I am being a big hypocrite. Besides English, music is my passion. A deadly extremely boring melody or tunes inspired girl now, a very successful executive music producer then. Who knows? But a lecturer will not hurt.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

1st Ever Assignment

I've been told by the rocking Poetry teacher to state one poem that has changed my life as our assignment. I didn't have any at first, so I've been browsing and searching, I've found the perfect one. It's 'Writing in The Spirit' by Joshua Andrew Maxwell-Scott. Enjoy. :)

Look at the words written if you will,
The speech of mankind on paper and twill.
Representation is to identify who cries,
For those who bare witness or those who have ties.

We all have our pain and some have their sorrow,
Others go through life like there is no tomorrow.
What starts from the beginning will come to the end,
Will it become an original or fade as a trend?

From the Author's reality your subcomed to a dream,
You will laugh or will cry from the visions of theme.
But in the end it is all about the Preacher,
And thanks to the Lord for being the teacher.

Think about it. :)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy 25th December !

Yes, Happy Christmas, Losers! What happened to "Saya ingin mengembalikan Islam Hadari" ? So I have said, the country is run buy complete bigger losers.

Friday, December 12, 2008

I Would

How I wish I am her. How I wish I have her voice. How I wish I have her skills. But obviously not her haircut. You know how I loathe people with fringe, especially my own kind. And definitely not her two front teeth; it’s not even original. She got them fixed and not digitally edited them. See, I know stuffs too! My mom once said this to me; sing with your own style. Yes, I want to do it. I really want to find new skills and sounds as well. They heard me sing, no doubt, but never my original. That’s just sad because I know I’m not good enough in creating new tunes. If I accidentally initiated one, it will just sound like the previous ones. You can tell it’s parallel and it’s from me. It’s just sad.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Busted !

So many story books, so little time? I want to work. I need to work. I would love to be an author. I have an idea for one bunch of rough papers.
The man is a cheapskate even though he has a lot of dough. Or he still has them now? Just hit NO; the last time I remembered, he threw almost all of it to those blood sucking parasites and he left none for us. But if we ask for some, he would flip! Pity the shopaholic mom and sisters. We never get what those bloody ones got. From ours! We want them because we need them. And who is this BabyGirl7 bitch? We have her number and we’ll trace her down, and I AM going to shove her ass in her nose.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Then Again, Maybe Not

Die and let’s find out. I went to JB and had a great time. But the period came on the last day of the trip THANK GOD! The mood swings a bit, only towards the Gold Lioness. I won! (Haaaaaaaaaleluyah!) Because It apologised. Why? I learned some new songs. Rocking songs. New beats. New tempo. New melody. I initiate some just now. And as usual, I’ll forget it later on. Easy come, easy go. Either I have to give in or get out. I miss my friends; I can’t wait to go the new campus. I can’t wait to learn new stuff, new things and subjects? *wink. And also, the PhD of the most, first impressions towards new faces. I will never have the guts to wait when it comes to spitting on their faces. I kicked some butt last night. I am contented! It’s funny that everybody discovers new things everyday. I do on words. But then if course, I’ll forget. Bring it on again, and I promise I won’t remember you. It’s not like I don’t want to. It’s life. I even thought about new words to put on the headline; Bye Bye, Birdie. Uurgh it’s so painful. But my heart is stinging. I don’t feel sorry because I’m not. I drove like a dim-witted just now; I haven’t drive for a long time. He gave me GTI, what do you expect? I would love to ramble more, but the brain doesn’t want to work with me. Is the brain stinging as well? A bit. Ouch.