Things to do Today :

1. Get up.

2. Survive.

3. Go back to bed.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

2nd Ever Assignment, ( I am getting really good at this ;p )

The Writing teacher told us to write a personal essay about ourselves. This is my story.
“Fathiyah! Eh, no! I mean, Fatihah!”

This was what my eldest brother said to my mother when they were naming me almost 20 years ago. Just imagine a face like this with a sacred name as Fatihah.

To signify things up, my name is Siti Fathiyah, the daughter of Shuib Haji Ibrahim and the beautiful Daliawati Haji Ismail. I was born on the 12th of January, 1989. Oh, look! I will be 20 in less than a month! I sometimes wonder why we even age. I live in Wangsa Maju in Kuala Lumpur since I was four. I grow up and live my life, fight with my siblings and write my music here in this town.
My father is a business man who runs his own business of producing concrete posts. My mother used to work in a bank 19 years ago. But when she surreptitiously witnessed the maid was abusing me when I was a baby, she quitted her job and take care of us with her own bare hands and has become a very wonderful enduring housewife. My eldest brother just graduated his degree in Engineering here in IIUM. Meanwhile, my sister is still doing her degree in Economics here too. And there is me, a BEN student with an uncertain future yet. The baby of the house is a 13-year-old bright lethargic girl. Love life? I am involved.
I am a mixed of Afghan and Malay. I am well known of my friendliness, they say. I like to approach people and say ‘Hi’ at the very least. My first impressions might be tough on certain people, because my predictions are never wrong most of the time. I can be very understanding when the time comes and my perkiness makes me tend to shout every time I talk particularly when I am on the phone. I know I am better at writing because I like to converse craps especially in public. The tone of my voice always changes for God knows what reason. Maybe it follows my moods perhaps; and not to mention my penmanship too.
The major of my general interests is music. I started having the passion of singing when I was 2. I play the piano, guitar, harmonica and percussions but I stopped after level 1 on percussions because I can’t stand the excruciating pain I had on my biceps every time I hit the snare. No wonder most drummers are from the male species. I just started playing the piano in Grade 1 because previously I only played by ears and I learned to fool around with the guitar by myself through the internet when I was 17. I started to initiate my own lyrics when I was 5 or 6 years old. I got myself committed in creating melody bit by bit when I was 16 years old. Until now, I realised that my complete songs are just parallel to one another, and yet they are just abysmal. Next, my passion would be art. I am into designs for webs, I can sketch portraits at most times, and I paint. No matter on papers or faces. I like to read fiction story books only. I think that the authors ought to have really wild imaginations and fantasies. And they would probably just be great liars because they make up stories, and I think that is noble. Last but not least, I like to argue and win. It feels good when you know that you are right when nobody can prove you wrong, even though you know that your counter attacks are faulty. It makes me feel smart.
I have a few pet peeves too. I hate it when I listen to songs that are forced to be songs. It’s not like the composers are inspired, but they force themselves to start the tunes. Second, I hate it when people stare at me. It is disturbing because we all know that I am just human like others, with a nose, a mouth, and a pair of eyes, and I am just a common person just like them. So what's wrong? Or they can just smile if they are insisting to stare. Another is I am allergic to chocolates. Every time eat them, I could never stop myself. I hate that when it happens. People say that curiosity can kill. I hold on to that because I think that people, who have so much curiosity, are just ‘busy bodies’. Get a feeling, get a life. I would never take back what I have just said.
I am fighting a so called fatal disease. The doctor told us that my right lung is too dry and my left one is too wet. I had this kind of asthma since I was ten. I just have to follow the rules of getting healthy. Sinusitis is one of my problems too. I could never go a day without blowing very thick mucus out of my nose even for once. When I stand under the direct sunlight, or the weather is just extremely hot, I will get nose bleed. See my boring life? Medications by medications even I am allergic to certain. I guess I am unfortunate because I am not healthy, but then again, I am fortunate because I got to go early.
Like I have stated earlier, I have an uncertain future yet. When I was little, I wanted to be a doctor. It is just because I like to see when patients are getting shots of injections. It is like a revenge for being a pain for the hospital. Come to think, my patients would just die on the spot for having me as their doctor. I had a strong liking for Mathematics when I was in school. My father encouraged me in becoming an accountant like he was. But, he never sticks to one decision. As I was reaching a stage of my youthful age, he noticed that I like to pick a fight or just argue. Take note that I would never start anything if I know I am wrong. Hence, he encouraged me to be a lawyer. But then, I was terrible in my History subjects because it has tones of reading and memorising to do. Still, I told myself to shoot for the moon and be a lawyer because that was what my father wanted me to become, until my mother told me, “It is hard for lawyers to find jobs; even they cannot guarantee their future. And they are just blood sucking parasites.”
“Stick with what you want to do. More or less, stick to what you know that you are good at.”
English popped in my mind the first thing after she did her part. I know it can take me to places. I just need to communicate. I would just say that I want to be a lecturer or a journalist for the very least. But I am being a big hypocrite. Besides English, music is my passion. A deadly extremely boring melody or tunes inspired girl now, a very successful executive music producer then. Who knows? But a lecturer will not hurt.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

1st Ever Assignment

I've been told by the rocking Poetry teacher to state one poem that has changed my life as our assignment. I didn't have any at first, so I've been browsing and searching, I've found the perfect one. It's 'Writing in The Spirit' by Joshua Andrew Maxwell-Scott. Enjoy. :)

Look at the words written if you will,
The speech of mankind on paper and twill.
Representation is to identify who cries,
For those who bare witness or those who have ties.

We all have our pain and some have their sorrow,
Others go through life like there is no tomorrow.
What starts from the beginning will come to the end,
Will it become an original or fade as a trend?

From the Author's reality your subcomed to a dream,
You will laugh or will cry from the visions of theme.
But in the end it is all about the Preacher,
And thanks to the Lord for being the teacher.

Think about it. :)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy 25th December !

Yes, Happy Christmas, Losers! What happened to "Saya ingin mengembalikan Islam Hadari" ? So I have said, the country is run buy complete bigger losers.

Friday, December 12, 2008

I Would

How I wish I am her. How I wish I have her voice. How I wish I have her skills. But obviously not her haircut. You know how I loathe people with fringe, especially my own kind. And definitely not her two front teeth; it’s not even original. She got them fixed and not digitally edited them. See, I know stuffs too! My mom once said this to me; sing with your own style. Yes, I want to do it. I really want to find new skills and sounds as well. They heard me sing, no doubt, but never my original. That’s just sad because I know I’m not good enough in creating new tunes. If I accidentally initiated one, it will just sound like the previous ones. You can tell it’s parallel and it’s from me. It’s just sad.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Busted !

So many story books, so little time? I want to work. I need to work. I would love to be an author. I have an idea for one bunch of rough papers.
The man is a cheapskate even though he has a lot of dough. Or he still has them now? Just hit NO; the last time I remembered, he threw almost all of it to those blood sucking parasites and he left none for us. But if we ask for some, he would flip! Pity the shopaholic mom and sisters. We never get what those bloody ones got. From ours! We want them because we need them. And who is this BabyGirl7 bitch? We have her number and we’ll trace her down, and I AM going to shove her ass in her nose.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Then Again, Maybe Not

Die and let’s find out. I went to JB and had a great time. But the period came on the last day of the trip THANK GOD! The mood swings a bit, only towards the Gold Lioness. I won! (Haaaaaaaaaleluyah!) Because It apologised. Why? I learned some new songs. Rocking songs. New beats. New tempo. New melody. I initiate some just now. And as usual, I’ll forget it later on. Easy come, easy go. Either I have to give in or get out. I miss my friends; I can’t wait to go the new campus. I can’t wait to learn new stuff, new things and subjects? *wink. And also, the PhD of the most, first impressions towards new faces. I will never have the guts to wait when it comes to spitting on their faces. I kicked some butt last night. I am contented! It’s funny that everybody discovers new things everyday. I do on words. But then if course, I’ll forget. Bring it on again, and I promise I won’t remember you. It’s not like I don’t want to. It’s life. I even thought about new words to put on the headline; Bye Bye, Birdie. Uurgh it’s so painful. But my heart is stinging. I don’t feel sorry because I’m not. I drove like a dim-witted just now; I haven’t drive for a long time. He gave me GTI, what do you expect? I would love to ramble more, but the brain doesn’t want to work with me. Is the brain stinging as well? A bit. Ouch.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Yek !

I’m getting lazy. I’m lazy all the time. Sometimes I act crazy. Beat it cuz it’s my line. How I am not amused for this rhyming this time. Why does this headache feel eerie? I really need to puke.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Brain in Holidays

Crotchets! Minims! Semibreves! Quavers! Wow, these piano classes of mine are getting really electrifying week by week. She gives us theory lessons and home works too, and as I said it is thrilling as you might think I that I think, yet I really think it is, I always do extras! Say 4 to 20 pages perhaps? What about my morphemes? I write lyrics! We people do not use proper sentences sometimes or even formally. And preferable, we do not use any past tense, future is not always will be, just present. Look, Readers, I’m not just talking about writing lyrics. Meet me, and when you do, look at me in the eye and say that you actually understand. Tsk. Pity.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Che gu !

Che gu suka main bola. Hari2 che gu main bola.
Che gu suka main bola. Hari2 che gu main bola.
Che gu suka main bola. Hair2 che gu main bola.
Che gu suka main bola. Hari2 chegu..TIDUR!
Che gu sudah tidur. Mari kita main.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Fancy this ?

Perky? Macho? Slick? You see what I want you to see. Fancy that?

A Run to Forget

Ssssssooo, when i stopped with the brain tormenting, I got a complete new song!

I’ve come across the pain.
The torment I abstain.
You knock it down for me.
Like the sting of a bee.
So why couldn’t you see, you’re the one I want, and for me?

You’re the one I love. I always dream of.
I live and breathe for you. Some bits I find new.
Hold me if you may. Just promise that you’ll stay.
I chuck it all away, the things that I fret.
My Run to Forget.

Run away from a straying.
Chasing ice before I bled.
I didn’t love with a living, but just bitterness instead.
So why couldn’t you see, you’re the one I need, with me?

You’re the one I love. I always dream of.
I live and breathe for you. Some bits I find new.
Hold me if you may. Just promise that you’ll stay.
I chuck it all away, the things that I fret.
My Run to Forget.

Grip me tight, never let go.
You’ll never know how I love you so.
Come and hold me, kiss me, please me.
It’s never too late to say, you want it all away.
My Run to Forget.

You’re the one I love. I always dream of.
I live and breathe for you. Some bits I find new.
Hold me if you may. Just promise that you’ll stay.
I chuck it all away, the things that I fret.
My Run to Forget.

The day that we met, My Run to Forget.

People, i recommend you to give up tormenting your brain, if you're dealing with one lah. It works!


I give up from tormenting my brain for new brands. Stop stalking me by using your bo's ID and stop stalking mine. I know I am right, because nobody in this world can prove me wrong. This is what my blog is all about, substantiation.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Unwanted Delusions

Do I deserve to dream like this? Oh how I wish I am stuck in The Slumber Land with all I want being there. Creamy ice creams with loads of my favourite flavours; “Strawberry, Vanilla, Neapolitan for example.” Creepy Irish I suppose. I am the princess of the land with pretty little green evening gown which I wear when I go anywhere and a cute hairdo with the touch of rosy pink on my cheeks. And I’ll have Nemo as my bo. Richie would be Nemo. Instead, yesterday I got Richie as Ayah and me as Mak, fighting and he was hitting me all over. And today, I got myself pregnant. It would be nice if it is not now.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Another need of exploding words when one wants a new idea. Oh, that is me. What would you do when you have a bloody annoying life which wants you to deal with? I don’t mean to say that it is bloody annoying, because sometimes the victory is on my side. I am having a battle with it. I’m just waiting who will first come to an end. It’s a little bit complex when you think about it critically. But when my life comes to its end, what would happen to me? And if I die, what would happen to my life? Could it be that both will meet the demise together? Who knows.


A new day in a new moon. A fresh breeze for a sick young lady. Supposedly I should have been experiencing brand new surroundings. Too bad I still smell the thing that I always smell every time I pass by this particular smelly place when I already threw the thing that I thought was producing the inappropriate smell.


Friday, October 31, 2008

Sharing is Caring

I was stuck in a conversation with me about the meaning of life. I won’t apologies for the very long linger of posting new blogs, because that would be sooo not me. I told you I’m rude. Words of advice, don’t ponder for something faulty, I used to do that. Once when I was the little really drop dead cute Fathy, a person asked me what would I want to be when I grow up, and I said, “I want to be rich” I realize that one could never say that again, when all can see that your own race doesn’t show any progress. I had a thought about the past, how conscious she was. Maybe she was the one whom was touched when I was talking about the other. Just think, after all that has been through and she still has no clue about it, well, I don’t mean to patronize, but your girlfriend is one hell of a dim wit. A bigger loser to be exact. Never been humiliated much and of course, somebody is not satisfied about something else I see?

Music and singing is all what I am passionate about. I like to say this to myself, compose every time when you are inspired, not when you’re running out of ideas. Me, I’m always inspired every time I am about to go to sleep. It is when my eyes are tightly closed and I am about to wander to the complete darkness or slumber land. I would get melody, parts of music in my head, harmonic tunes I can listen to but not as clearly one would thought. Once it gets to me, I won’t remember it at the latter. It just won’t come back. That’s why every time I experience every tune when I got it, I force myself to wake up, grab my cell and record it through my singing. Bit by bit would do. What’s the rush? My piano teacher said that I could finish the grade I’m currently in 2 months whereas everybody else has to do it at least 6 to 12 months. I told ya’ll that I’m a fast learner when it comes to music. :)

I’m currently using the other laptop because the one that I always use is being conquered by an inconvenient selfish human being who thinks that he can have it all. That’s what it is, when he sees something is conquered by someone who takes a good care of it, he will take it all. When one thing isn’t being touched by others, he would just ignore. This laptop was just being formatted and it is like a new laptop with nothing in it only the important usual contents, and it has not been touched by anyone for quite a long time especially the person I stated about, and want to know why?; because it has not been touched. Easy to understand I hope? Now I’m using this, let see if any hand will be laid on this one.

I have more to say. I’ll update in once upon a time eyh?

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Just a Slight Spot

Pink Elephant’ is similar to ‘Bye Bye’. Sometimes, instead of saying ‘Bye Bye’, we just say ‘Pink Elephant’. Or, we would just articulate the noun, after the farewell greeting. I don’t need to demonstrate that one, I presume? We are all well educated, pfft~! But every time we use that to our eldest sister, she would just say, “I don’t wear pink!” Why? We got it from Oprah, it was the episode where Miley Cyrus was interviewed and asked questions from her fans. She stated that whenever she screwed up in a song where she lip synching, maybe she forgets lyrics perhaps, she would say ‘Pink Elephant’ for many times. No one would know or guess what she was saying if they are not been told. Clever!

I am mad, really mad. But I don’t know exactly why and because of what. If I look it through all over again, there’s nothing to be angered of. I’m confused. I’m dating the right man, and I always ask myself, what did I date those fools for? Through thick and thin, and come what may. I could just wait for him. I really should say this; my life would be imperfect without him.

My music school in Kelana Jaya had this one camp. The camp is all about music, I supposedly to be a part of it because I am a student there. I didn’t go; I had classes, assignments to deal with, and stressing exams. Then I watched the Disney Channel Original Movie, ‘Camp Rock’, shyt.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

0.1 % of the Heart

I believe that harmonies are colours. Every time I paint, is sharpens my harmony.”

Every morning, I would initiate a thought, what if I suddenly stop the things I do that every morning, maybe because of pain perhaps or even exhaustion? Would he wipe out what he has in his heart? I finally found the right one, the one, the perfect one. “I don’t care. If you are too frightened, just demolish it away. I’m ok with it.” Why are you being so nice? Why do I have you? Why am I so lucky? I hold to the quote, “When there’s a will, there’s a way.” That is why I always get what I want.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Look At Me

It only will make me stronger. I survived these few days. They were at our home and we went to theirs. Since the first day, I studied, never missed a night. And now I am about to complete the bits of the assignment. It’s difficult when you have a picky lecturer; But for the good reason, of course. I made cookies! I got a lot of compliments for that. Butter cookies with a taste of milk chocolate.


He just loves to be on Jakarta. =D

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

For Now

The last day of September, yeeeeeeehaw! I can’t wait to meet those guys tomorrow. Lovely cousins, extremely funny old uncles, annoying old-hag-aunties. May I refute? I actually am able to wait! Oh I love this game. I love this feeling; this feeling of evil, of getting, and pay back. This is how my family works. Hey, it’s their fault. We are not the ones who borrow money and take our time freely to pay back and say “I told you I need more time kan?” (kepala hotak kau, sorry pun tak ada), and talk trash about people, and being dumbly sarcastic, whereas, look at you.

I hate the feeling I always have when I meet you; my expression about you. Even though you came in without saying a word or even look at me. I do not know why I feel so irritated when I see you whereas you haven’t done anything to hurt me. Why am I like this? But I swear, I never pull a face at all. But to be frank, my predictions are never wrong. :)

Do it for me. Do it for me. He does it for me. He holds the honour. This is..’3 months, and Still Counting.’

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Dear, Diary..

Old dusty Diary. I don't think that I will be needing you anymore. Just think.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Get Back

I found this about a week ago; and it's on my Myspace. This is a song from Demi Lovato. Not meant for anyone though, just a new preamble of a new melody that I would like you guys to pin your ears back for. What a voice, seriously.

Is she a vocal student of Hayley Williams? (Iiiiiiii wondeeer) Naah, perhaps not because Demi’s better! Bla bla bla so on and so forth, ultimately, I would like to say,
So long Hayley, Helllloooooow Demi!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Itching Ear

Yes, some people just want it. Are you intimidated that we are as simple as you aren’t? What do you have that we don’t, and better? That was all you could say. Oh no problem, to the non-related, just buzz off. “Jangan timbulkan isu2 yang sensitive.” And THAT came from YOU? Pfft~
Whenever you need me, I appreciate it until the day I die, I’m happy, very thankful; it’s nice to be told every now and then. You sweetened up my life in your own extremely special way. Oh I love you very very.

So I see,
You know me,
Bar why don’t you understand?
So I see,
You love me,
But why her name again?

Just a little something, maybe for the chorus of my chant. Scrutinize yourself, and then you can talk about me. I got an A- for the midterm. Not happy but, yahoo. I’ve been tagged by an old best pal and I still can’t make it to her blog. Is it me? Or she’s playing the role of the Doofus? Ngeh. I’m tired, I’m sticky, and my scalp is itchy for the reason that I moved the furniture in my room ALL BY MYSELF. I don’t want them to help pon, buat semak je. This is all because of wanting to force the keyboard to fit in my room. It is working, but it hasn’t been done over all. For footers, I’m getting lamer every second.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Prettyyyyyy ! Part 2

I did Batik! *gasp. Blekh. I’ve done my ASSingment! Thanks to Akak for the help. I’ve memorised the surah but not the translation. Just yet. Ehehehe. Gila la budak PJ ni. For the love of God, let’s observe what I was trying to say at the first place.
Meh touch up sikit.

It only took less than an hour; more coming and I still haven’t finished my cross stitch. Wahwahwah.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


I’m not fasting. 'Full moon' came on yesterday evening. About just now I ate mac & cheese. Not so yummy, I miss Bubu’s mom’s spaghetti. Just slant my head to the left and I can see Jainibah terbelengkang tido. Currently chatting with Bubu and I just can’t convince him that he just can’t fast! Yea, what are you thinking about? I just took out a booger out of my nose. Kan tak puasa. ;p Busy boyfriend, but he never forgets me.

I would love to know who you are,
I would love to know how you’ve been,
I would love to know do you care,
I would love to know do you love me.

Some questions in advance addition; look at the traffic feed, who came from Melbourne and Jawa Barat? Hahaha. Oh my Gucci!



Was making Passion Fruit Juice.

Hands all dirty.

Couldn’t touch anything else.

Akak blabbed something.

Bye Bye.

You don’t Bye Bye me, if I korek your bontot you cannot do anything.


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Two and A Half Days.. the friggin' Tawakal.

I got admitted because of the freakin’ throat infection and very high fever as the side effect of the freakin’ disease. Not just that, I got cramps, head spinning spinning, and I freakin’ cried a lot! I already felt something was wrong with me on Monday, the dizziness, chesty coughing. The next day, wow, it’s sahur time!; I have to wake them up every freakin’ morning, aaaaas usual. Then the coughing and sneezing were getting heavier and more painful. I got back to bed first because I couldn’t stand not-lying-down. Hehek. A few minutes on the latter, I got cramps. On my hands, feet and on the face too. The attacking on the lips was the most painful, it was like my lips had swollen, and for a moment, I thought I was Angelina Jolie. Oh dream on! Then I cried because of the pain. My family was freakin’ terrified so they drove me to the clinic. The doctor wasn’t sure what was happening to me but he did say that I looked horrible. Hence, he told my parents that I had to go the hospital immediately. My dad was freakin’ racing with the traffic lights! I was half stoned, so I still can freakin’ tell. So we arrived at the emergency room, the nurses told me to just rest for a moment because the girl beside me just met an accident; it was around 6:30 am. Then it was my turn! Hell I cried like a calf was half slaughtered! The nurses gave me three freakin’ injections. I never had any injection that was freakin’ excruciating! “Ala, sabar sabar, awak kan dah biasa dengan Dr. Md Noh, dia kan selalu amik darah awak, tak kan tak biasa kot, ala sabar sabar.” “Dr. Md Noh buat lembut, huuuuu.” I continued crying of course. Then all the things had been done, the injection for dripping and all. After I got all of the freakin’ injections (freak freak freak freak freak), I finally stopped crying because I had fallen asleep. It was around 7 am. From 4 40 am?? Muka bengkak, boleh tak? Long story short, everything is back to normal again. I’ll be back home tomorrow, the first thing in the morning. Oh by the way, I took some pictures too~! Cam best je. Ngeee~Fuallllllapek! Tak tau kenapa. Hahahaha.

And whyyyyyy am I acting like a First-Timer?

Another one, i looked at my traffic feed, who came from New Zealand? =o

Monday, September 1, 2008

Just Ignore !

We all are fasting today and surprisingly I am so strong, for the 1st day of Ramadhan la kan. Ehehehe. To be honest, I am never like this. I am getting healthier? *gasp* Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuu God! Okay, let’s bring this to major. I am doing my assignment and I am sick and tired of Footnotes! My elder sister is going to help me with that. I really hated it when he said, “Footnotes! Footnotes!” Bar he wasn’t talking to me however. Give it up will you? I kind of like hearing it for every minute I think of it! Make sense? Haha. Fathy, you’re insane! Sometimes I think that I’m senile for no reason at all. And THEY call me Nenek Fathy!? Cookie, (nigga style) as long as I have my own teeth and my butt’s still higher than my knees, no one calls me Grandma!” Raveyyy. Ehek ehek.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Bits && Pieces

This is a mosquito would say. “I can be a lawyer. I am already a blood sucking parasite; all I need is a briefcase.”

One day..

How are you?

Siapa tu?

Owh, budak ni. My ‘friend’ last sem. Dia suka I, but when I turned him down for millions of time, dia pergi sana sini buat buat cerita pasal I. Kawan-kawan dia yang mana tahu cerita semua dah benci dia. Ni la yang I cerita hari tu pasal my friend kata tu.


Sorry. Somebody disturbed my phone.

Gila bapak menipu! Hahaha. Bodoh gila budak ni.

Haha. Tau tak pe.

I have ways.

Happy Ramadhan Al-Mubarak. (woish, 1st time cakap camtu.) ;p

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Outlaw?; or Outcast?

Happy belated two months, Bubu; and Happy 13th to Jenny Darling.

I’ve realised a few things, I’m starting to like love story books, instead of thrills and dark magic ones like I used to. Well, maybe I’m at the brink of change too. Everybody is, eventually. I am easily emotional and I can’t falsify any of them. Wow, hormone? Maybe la kan. I’m somebody’s girlfriend, it’s normal as they say. Another one, my Hana Baby likes to use the word ‘ruthless’. I see that she is fond with it. She often uses that to DESCRIBE herself. She isn’t THAT ruthless, to be fortunate. Hahaha. Oh yea and I just found out a new browsing link. Big thanks to Bubu. I love you. Anyway, Wacoal’s and other brands don’t manufacture any 70’s anymore. Only 75’s are available, and I’m starting to think of making them bigger? Hahaha! Tak senonoh punya perempuan.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Belly Laugh

It is so near and yet it is so far. This time, I’m going to break some hearts.

What more can you get? With that kind of attitude and with all the things that you still do; trashing about people when you don’t get what you have always wanted. Never expect the rain to wash off your sins. I did my time, and now it’s your turn. Some people may do major planning, but ‘plan’ isn’t exactly a major of mine; thank you very much. Big thanks for nothing.

"Geng tudung lilit." Hahahaha. Kelakar.

You think that He will offer you something better, when we all know that He will offer you nothing. Why would He, ey? If you think that it’s a gift, return it.

How can you see if you’re not looking? “Everybody’s talking, but they don’t say a thing.” Think and relate that. Give it up, I’ve won. Halal haram tu, biar lah I decide sendiri.

Eyh Fathy, apa cerita dengan orang utan you tu?” Your some ‘friends’ huh?

♥ Hey you, I love you. I’ll make sure that I won’t ever find anything like you again. ♥
What is it that you want? You got it!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Daily Basis

Just look at the 'Things To Do Today.' It is more to that particular thing. But what I do every day are make money on the day by the Internet, and study at night. Those are the two things that I would say as 'wajibul ghunnah.' Haha. Above and beyond, I read my story book titled 'Remember Me?', and text messaging with Bubu when we both are free. What else do I do, see? Cooking and chores, well those are the usual things that we girls do, ain't it? I just got back from my Best friend's surprise birthday party. It wasn't really a party, just a get together sort of stuff. We went to Starbucks to eat, and Burger King to eat, again! I had to depart earlier than them because I was told to do so. Despite that, I'm glad. My kidney is 'exhausting' me, ifyouknowwhatimsayin. Nothing more to report, I am just trying to prove things, because some of us just don't ever get it, do they?

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hey, Weirdo !

You are actually teaching me English.
Wow, big Thanks!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Insanity of Creativity (?)

I should have taken IT because I WAS really good about HTML’s and graphics. So the other day I took a picture of me and my BFF and turned it from this ugly ..

..into these uglier.

This is what I’ve done toward one picture. Just imagine how many would I generate with 10.

Bye Bye

Let’s start from scratch here, alright? This is actually how Bye Bye has been conveyed.

My elder sister told us about her hilarious lecturer. And then one day, a few days before the subject’s exam, the lecturer said that the class can ask him questions as preparations. The period is almost done so he stood up and packed his books. He is almost out of the classroom when certain pupils wanted to ask him more and more questions. Then, he turned around, smiled, waved his hand while saying “bye bye”. He left. That’s only it seriously. But a few weeks after that, my little sister who tells stories like ‘lepas tu Jainibah pon kate la kan..umm..ape ek nibah kate..uhh..ha! pastu Nibah kate la ape hal pulak kan, pastu kan die kate..uhhh..die kate sukati die la nak buat ape..pastu Nibah kate bukan, sukati die la tu org lain yg cakap..die cakap uhh..” that kind of a way was boring me. So, before I literally smashed my head in my dish, I stood up, smiled, and waved saying ‘bye bye’. I walked away. From that day on, whenever someone is telling a story or saying something and we do not want to listen, we just wave and say bye bye. It would be hilarious if someone could actually understand. :)

"Unitar da ade 3 sem je owh. Dulu 4 sem. Da kuar baru nak buat 3 sem."

"Bye bye!"

"Ikut perangai Nibah eyh!"

"Eyy Nibah yang tiru I. I yang start Bye bye dulu dalam rumah tu yeh."

"Hari tu kan time I nak balik Nilai start sem tu kan, I bukak je satu bag kosong ni nak letak baju,then Handsome masuk dalam tu, die pandang I pastu die meow. Huuu. Comel nye. Macam paham pulak I kena pergi tempat lain. Huuuu. Bye bye."

"Eh, bukan I ke yang kena kate Bye bye?"

"Sebelum you cakap, baik I cakap Bye bye dulu en? Hahahahhaa. "



Are You Done?

Haven't had enough? Let me tell you my story.I did something really bad and this is what my little sister told me.

“You know what my Ustazah told me? If perempuan langgar fitrah, they don’t need to wait for the punishment kat Akhirat nanti. Kat dunia je da dapat balasan. Family problem, problem with studies, problem with friends. Ape reason banjir teruk nowadays? Stop what you are doing and see what will happen.”

She was frickin’ right. She is not THAT stupid after all eh?

Never try to act snobbish, I’m frickin’ better at it. So an effortless ‘thank you’ would do you know. One after one, day by day, it’s still the same. I’m sorry that I don’t hangout at night and got home at 3 in the morning. I’m sorry I don’t have many boy friends. I’m sorry that I mix with a lot of people and not to have my own click. I’m sorry I’m not racist. I’m sorry I’m not pathetic. I’m sorry I don’t dress up like young Britney Spears. You don’t have what it takes to be looked up by me. Sorry. I can’t give the impression to find the reason why you have to treat other category of people like shyt. You are one in a million; the Bigger Loser.
They say that MySpace is just a cyber world. People tend to lie and cheat, and make forgeries. I don’t buy that, try to read my page, that’s all my actual reasons to live. Nice friends, loving family, a remarkable boyfriend. How am I supposed to know that you’re going to read my blog. I’m no one anymore, so why fret?

Today's Highlight

I woke up as usual, got bathe and did the things I always do. When I came down to the 1st floor, I noticed something on the dining table and I found this!

Hahahaha. Kelakar la. Plainly there are some interviews, baby pics, bios and yada yada yada. And then I found this too in one of the ‘Jeapordice’s’ pages!

But so fortunately it was so tiny la kan and they didn’t mention anything about the person who did it. (Me!) Buat malu saja. ;p

Congrats, Jeopardice!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Oohh Na'aaah ! *snapping fingers*

25th Mei 2008

After date; went to Pavillion bla bla bla..

A missed call from you..

Actually, I want it to be missed; to answer a call from you? Pfft~!

I was stoned perhaps, so I texted you and said "Kenape?"

Then you replied, "I miss you."

After a while, owh! It was you again!!

"Sorry. Ada org kacau my phone."

Like someone would if it wasn't a holiday!

And just now..Oh frickin God it's you again!! Whyyyy???

You sent me, " "



..and your suburban attitude.

Do you know Bye Bye?

..of course not. What was I thinking of asking you that. Urgh. I will make a blog about Bye Bye some day. Somehow. Hahahaahaha.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

What I Would Say

The laptop is being an ass for the charger is broken, therefore it can’t charge! Haha obviously. Come on and pin your ears back, if you can hear whatever thing, or you can just bang out your retina, because I got some libretto for you to scrutinize.

What lie? I didn’t lie, because all the things that I have wrote there is true. Bar why are you pissing off because I denied your request? You saw it, you heard it, and even people are talking there whereas I’m waaaaay over here. Yet still, you ain’t got any hint?? For being another party which don’t have anything to do with it, you’re a dim wit, female.

You forged your honesty. You forged your loyalty. I’m so worn to these things. I’ve heard so numerous. What you put on, what you ate, what you used, did not exclude my wealth. You’re nice at times; bar I know that won’t stay too long. The least I could do is to deal with my patients. Some times I tend to not to think about it. Halal haram tu biar la I yang decide sendiri nanti. Just don’t expect me to look up at you as an accreditation.

Yea. What I would say if I'm her. ;(

♥ I love you forever; I like you for always, my baby you’ll be. ♥ Kesian dia kena marah semalam.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tagged by Ieeko Taqiyuddin

This one bitch tagged me. And this other bitch told me to update my blog. So buat je la. Hik hik.

1.The rules of the game get posted at the beginning.
2.Each player answers the questions about themselves.
3.At the end of the game the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves a comment, letting them know they got tagged and ask them to play and read your blog.

Starting time :7 03 pm

Name : Fathy

Sisters : 2

Brothers: 1

Shoe size : 5/6

Height : 163 cm

Where do you live : Malaysia.

Favourite drinks : Mum's hot milo.

Favourite breakfast : Taik gigi.

Have you ever

been on a plane : Yes

Swam in the ocean : Yes

Fallen asleep in school : Once in a blue moon

Broken someone's heart : Yes

Fell off your chair : Yeap ;p

Sat by the phone and waited for someone to call : If that someone told me to wait la

What is your room like : Heaven ;p

What's right beside you : Bantal...sss...

What is the last thing you ate : Elipse ;p

Ever had...

Chicken pox : Don't know.

Sore throat : Most of the time thank you very much.

Stitches : No.

Broken nose : Nnnnnope.

Do you...

Believe in love at first sight : Yeap

Like picnics : Woo yea! PD! PD! ;p

Who was, were

the last person you danced with : Jainibah

Last made you smile : Syairah

You last yelled at : Syairah and Kak Sue ;p

Today did you..

Talk to someone you like : Yeap!

Kissed anyone : Yeap! Hikhikhik.

Get sick : Yup. Angau. Bwaahahahahaa~

Talk to an ex : Nope.

Miss someone : No la. Baru jumpa tadi maa.. ;p

Eat : Yes.

Best feeling in the world : Free

Do you sleep with stuffed animals : Nope. The stuffed animals sleep with me.

What's under your bed : Dust and Handsome's bulu.

Who do you really hate : Evil.

What time is it now : 7 11 pm

5 things I was doing 10 years ago

1. Sitting beside Syafiq Azman

2. Crushing on Paul McCartney

3. Adoring Sailormoon

4. Craving for my mom to cut my flesh-length hair

5. Best friend - ing with Na'illah

5 things on my to-do list today

1. Blogging.

2. Reinstall Fotosyok

3. Myspace

4. Berangan depan cermin.

5. Merajuk for no reason, then Bubu will pujuk me ;p

5 snacks i enjoy

1. Crunchie

2. Chips

3. Cereal

4. the list goes on...

5. ..and on..

5 things i would do if i were a billionaire

1. Buy a rocket and tembak Israel

2. Beli weapon dalam cerita Wanted tu and tembak Bush

3. Buy a mansion for Bubu and our 4 kids. Hahahahahaha.

4. Haji. (Hajjah Siti Fathiyah. Huyyo!)

5. Help the needs and stop politics! ;p

5 of my bad habits

1. Being TOO generous.

2. Worrying about my appearance.

3. Lazy Bum.

4. Tangguh Solat ;p

5. Buying more books when there is a dozen that hasn't been read yet.

5 places i have lived in

1. PJ

2. Wangsa Maju

3. Nilai

4. Gombak

5. Paroi ;p

5 people i'm tagging

I tag nobody. You see, saya tak menyusahkan orang tau. Harrharrharr.

Sorry to those bitches. Hahahaha.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Teka Teki Kurang Ajar

There's 3 people ni. Sorang ni Pekak (meaning die memang pekak) , sorang ni Bisu (meaning die memang bisu) , and sorang ni Buta (meaning die memang buta la kan). Si Pekak ni curik barang si Buta, and of course si Buta ni tak nampak la kan. Yet si Bisu nampak yang si Pekak ni curik barang si Buta. So the question is..

Jeng jeng jeng..

How si Bisu ni nak bagi tau si Buta yang si Pekak curik barang si Buta?

p.s Nobody has ever answered this question so far.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Urgh, Come On !

Only people who know me know how conscious I am about grammar some times. It was a harmless correction and the owner of the picture itself is cool with it. But, you? Yes, you just went spray your sarcasm out and identified me as ‘Girl down There.’ Yea she is your close friend, but I knew her longer. I know what she’s like, and so does she towards me, and it’s very clear that you are not the authority to say whatever that you want to say. Get me muddled, you’ll pay.See. Siap buat blog lagi.

"yes yes.sumthing general perhaps.but honestly i despise such sarcasm as a girl down there.either writhing in getting such attention which not excluded of agony,or just being averted by other human.thx,but u dont know me"


You're lucky you have good English; Not sophisticated, but good. ;) But try to use Microsoft Word once in a while, will ya? Even IT shows the correction. Oh boo hoo.

This maybe looks like that I’m overreacting. Heaven yea I don’t care. I’m sorry, She. ;(

I'm not mad, I'm just stunned.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Too Little Too Risky ?

It’s just as simple as this. Try to narrate modelling and UIA, people. I only have just one class every week and I’m super bored to sit at home every day, doing nothing. Well not literally, of course. And now I have decided that I want to give it a go again. It’s freelance, so?

Can I get a ‘What what’?


Imma see YOU tomorrow. ;x

Friday, July 25, 2008

Prettyyyyyy !

My UGLEEEYH Sony Ericsson K610i looked so boring so I made some ‘transformation’ to it. Hikhik. First, I put some bling bling on it, just a lot few of plastic diamond stickers.

And now, bye bye jerawat batu and hello, skeletons!And as they know it, I love bling blings, that’s why I own a lot of baju kurung with studs! “Lip lap lip lap,” she says. So I put 'some' diamond stickers on these skeletons’ heads! Muaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahha~!

Prettyyyyy~! But it looks more stunning up close.

Happy One Month,Bubu.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

A 'Not a B.D.' Argument

Either to buy it or not. He said that it’s more profiting if I buy the knowledgeable ‘how to make money by the internet’ book. Ye la kan because that is what he does.

Macam tak berbaloi je beli buku 75 ringgit,” he said. Heyyy, I’m still learning apeee. I want to be a journalist; I want to be a good writer. That’s why I want to read a lot. The story book was so frickin’ thick, of course la mahal. Haiya!

Haaa. Buku yang you tengah bace tu pon tak habis lagi kan?”


Dapat pulak.

Adeyh. Kalah. ;'(

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Kak Sue's Birthday

Ehehehe. That’s a start. It was on the 19th and we all celebrated it at Pizza Hut near my place. We had a lot of fun, and I think my collection of the event’s pictures is maybe complete. I worked for it though, and this is all I could get. Hahaha.

You can see that I only put pictures with most of ME in it, because if you want me to upload pictures with THEM in it, it will take simply forever! They are camera freaks; Trust me! But there are more of me's and I couldn't get my 'mouse' on it yet. ;(

And when I stepped out of the entrance, there she was. That Bi girl from UIA. Once again, eeew~!

After that, we went for karaoke. I didn’t take any picture because I had to depart early with Dhea, Zaid, Nisa, Kak Nadz and Fayadh. Yea, I should have given then cake to Fayadh kan, Dhea? But then I got to listen to Kak Sue’s, Syu’s, Tham’s, Dhea’s and Zaid’s singing. Awesome! And just now I went out with Bubu and Jainibah to KLCC, and instead of Zaid and Dhea, I accidentally said, Daid and Zhea to Bubu. That was soooo embarrassing! Bar luckily he isn’t the kind who laughs it all up for an incredibly veeeeery long time. He’s cool. Hee~ I can’t wait for the 25th, ♥ !

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Things On Mind

These are not important though but I want it dribbled. My Boo is on his way back to Paroi. Yeay! He had to do some work; the Boyfriend makes money, alright? His result came out at 2.30 pm today and he got 3.89! I never meant to brag, but I do have a really smart boyfriend! Prrrrroud! I want to buy 2 necklaces and 2 more key chains. The collection of Kak Sue’s birthday’s pictures is in progress. I still need more~! I haven’t the latest Harry Potter book yet! Oh my God, I’m so lost, ain’t I? Most of them say this, “Fathy tu best, tapi straight and pedas!” I can’t deny it, because it really IS true. And that’s why when I’m surrounded by people whom I don’t like, I prefer to not to say anything. That’s more like it, isn’t it? I had my ‘time of the month’ 5 days ago and I painted my nails~!

Nice colour. I know it is.

&& I have Koyok on me too. Haih.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Finally !

The class just begun yesterday! We have a lot to cover for the past 3 wasted weeks because that pretty so called ‘funny’ guy just met the lecturer a few days ago whereas he supposedly meet him 3 weeks since! But ultimately, now I have some things to do. Yeay!

♠ I have to work on an assignment about Ibnu Kathir’s methodologies. A 5 page essay! Oh well, that’s normal. Pfft~! Submission is on the 28th of next month. Ok la tu.

♠ A memorisation AGAIN of Surah Al-Alaq and the translation and we all have to recite some where in August. Alah, takde hal lah. Ehehehehe.

♠ Presentations must be made on every single class and my job is to take care of the Studies Related to Al-Quran.

♠ And get ready for midterm in August as well. *sigh*

Bubu. Miss you. :’(

Thursday, July 17, 2008


"Aah!!" I lost it.

"Eeeergh!" I'm losing it.

"Awww~" Another 3 newcomers! Three Black kittens.

Now now, rub WHAT in?

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Welcome, Newcomers !

A rabbit of ours gave birth to 4 cute little baby rabbits! They were pink, and most of them have little black spots on them. They are so kiyout despite that they were bloody and hairless. ;p I wanted to take their pictures but the Mum won’t let me! Tau tau plak die eyk?


Saturday, July 12, 2008

Those Crunchy Green Apples

It was not just last night. I felt it once in a while; but I can’t say it is seldom. No no, scratch the ‘it’, Things to be literal. Why now?

I thought I saw somebody. But then again I was alone. And sometimes I want somebody to be there. To be at the exact same place where I was expecting that somebody to be. How would it look like? I want it all white. I want that somebody to be there. Never hide, just come out. I want to look at something, anything, rather than feeling that I’m actually alone at that particular time of morning night. Just tell me that there was something, and I’ll feel much better.

Somebody is watching me. It’s watching from the corner of the room when I am about to sleep. It crawls up on my bed to me when I’m sleeping. Sitting there, watching. Is it possible? I do pray everyday. Approximately 5 times. My cat sleeps with me. But yet, when he’s not around, it feels like I’m not sleeping alone. “It won’t bother if you don’t bother.” It helps, sometimes.

Somebody is following me. It is behind me, going up the stairs with me. Following my foot steps. I was fetching Those Crunchy Green Apples for them when I felt it. Then I started to think. Haven’t you gone away? Why are you still here? It’s faulty. As if it is like I’m senile. Declaring to myself and cursing to nonentity for no reason.

Think. What did you do wrong? I was 14.

Datang 3 kali urut dah boleh lah buang benda menumpang tu.”

Oh, ok.

I only went twice.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

7 Things

Two thumbs up, Miley! You really inspired me.

I probably shouldn't say this But at times I get so scared
When I think about the previous Relationship we shared
It was awesome but we lost it It's not possible for me not to care
And now we're standing in the rain But nothing's ever gonna change until you hear My dear
The seven things I hate about you
The seven things I hate about you
Oh you
You're vain, your games You're insecure You love me, you like her
You make me laugh You make me cry I don't know which side to buy
Your friends they're jerks When you act like them Just know it hurts
I wanna be with the one I know
And the seventh thing I hate the most that you do
You make me love you
It's awkward and its silent As I wait for you to say
What I need to hear now Your sincere apology
When you mean it I'll believe it If you text it I'll delete it Let's be clear
Oh, I'm not coming back
You're taking seven steps here
The seven things I hate about you You're vain, your games You're insecure You love me, you like her
You make me laugh, you make me cry
I don't know which side to buy
Your friends they're jerks When you act like them Just know it hurts
I wanna be with the one I know
And the seventh thing I hate the most that you do
You make me love you
And compared to all the great things That would take too long to write
I probably should mention the seven that I like
The seven things I like about you Your hair, your eyes Your old Levis When we kiss I'm hypnotized
You make me laugh, you make me cry But I guess that's both I'll have to buy
Your hands in mine When we're intertwined Everything's alright
I wanna be with the one I know
And the seventh thing I like the most that you do
You make me love you
You do,
oh Ooh, ooh, ooh oh Ooh, ooh, ooh oh

Start all over, and pay attention.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Ready, Set, Can't Go

Yes, I do value you; but not because of you actually have enormity. It is just that, you are an intimidation. And that’s it.

♥ I’m regretful that you are not my beginning, but I’ll make sure that you are the end. ♥

This is what you get, when you treat people like trash; and it’s going to remain on until you bring it to a halt. Probably.

"Hey, ni ha cat lover!"

Heaven yeah I am.

Ey panjang nye la engko niyh.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Terrrrringat ;p

"Eeeiih you ni, tengok ! You buat I jerit, sampai my cat da bangun dah."
"Owh so you lagi sayang your cat dari I aaa?"
"Eyh mane ade la."
*Monologue: "A AH. MEMANG!" =DDDDD

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Bibidi, Bobidi, Boo!

Well, call me in ten years!”

“anyway, lately u pnye posts sgt deep yee. haha.”

Oh yeah? Let’s see. Hikhik. Mari kite main main pulak this time. ;p

Issue 1: (Eh, issue?) My cat’s alright! He’s fatter to be more precise.

Issue 2: I’m working on another set of cross stitch, but yet I haven’t finished the first set. Haha.

Issue 3: I do eat vegetables. I just don’t eat the little weird ones.

See! That would be enough for proof, Bubu! ;p

Issue 4: I’ll be fasting tomorrow since it is the 1st of Rejab. And so is he :) I love my Bubu.

Issue 5: Read the about me section on my Myspace. I have issues.

Oh, brother

Friday, June 27, 2008

Hadoih !

I am so blank but then I really want to say something. A lot of things! I’m always like this. I’m so happy at first, smiling and laughing my ass off, and I’ll be pissed about something really stupid after a while. And then I’ll feel like my heart just wants to burst out in words whereas my mouth is completely zipped! It’s like a wheel.

Is it me?

Or I really need a therapist.(?)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Baby of the House

We got him and Shy in March this year. They were 8 months old if I’m not mistaken. Months and days went by, we started to let him n Shy get into the house. He was ok, but Shy? He’s kind of hysterical and paranoid when people get near him. So we only let him into the house. And again, days went by, somehow we let Shy out of the cage to make him feel familiar with the porch. A few weeks later, Shy was no where to be found. He never got home anymore. There were tears, but not from me. I was sad, really sad. And maybe, I still am. But this one cat always put a smile on our face.

He sleeps, like this.

Sometimes, like this.

Or even like this.

And not to mention like this.

In conclusion, he sleeps like us! Haha.

He’s so precious! We all love him so much like he is one of us now. But suddenly, BAM! He mixed up with this Chinese look cat, then he got this one infection on his ears, and he got sick at the same time. So, he got from this healthy,

to this skinny;

and with that cone around his neck, it is to avoid him from scratching his ears that is.

Kan Kak Athy dah cakap, jangan scratch. Tu la, degil. Tengok dah jadi ape sekarang.

But still, get well soon dear love. We really miss the healthy you. I want you to sleep with me again like you always did.

Don't leave us, alright? ='( Get well soon. I really miss the times we had together. When you’re still gemuk and lasak and we always buli you. Huhu.

And when you were still VAIN as well! Haha.

Would you just look how awfull you look right now?

Macam nenek, tau tak?

Readers, please pray for him.


Ladies and gents, this is Handsome~

The Audi + Jaguar wannabe. Haha. <33